Egypt and the Struggle for Democracy

Last month I was invited to be one of the two LA panelists on America Abroad‘s international town hall “Egypt and the Struggle for Democracy”,with audiences in Los Angeles and Cairo Egypt, which aired on 140 public radio stations including here on KCRW. Audiences in both cities debated what the military’s recent government takeover means for Egypt’s fragile democracy; the Muslim Brotherhood’s future in Egyptian politics and society; the role of Islam in politics and public life; and how Americans perceive recent developments in Egypt. These issues are for obvious reasons, close to my heart, and I was fortunate to be a part of the discussion. As someone who walks the line of both cultures and worlds, I see the different view points and the shades of gray that make this multi-faceted and layered situation so complex. I pray for Egypt and hope for the best…but with a cynical and weary heart.