The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For…

“Premieres November 13th at 10pm”…I can’t count the number of times I’ve written and spoken those words in the past month. And now here I am on November 13th, less than an hour away from the airing of All-American Muslim. This is what we prepared for, worked for. It has been so interesting to see it come to fruition, to see it all develop, to see the buzz and the excitement spreading over the internet, media and most of all…people, word of mouth.

Almost a month ago, I picked up my life, and hauled my butt to NYC not just for a gig, a project, a job, but to be a part of something that touches me personally. Something that truly has the potential to change our American Muslim reality, even if only in a small way. Something I can be proud to say I was a part of. And something I can pour not just my professional experience into, but my life experience, my personal experience, my family experience, and that means a lot to me.

So in an hour the snowball begins to roll, the train leaves the station, whatever metaphor you choose to express a process that once started cannot be stopped and you are long for the ride. Active and proactive, yes, but ultimately it takes on a life of its own. And we’ll see- where the train goes, how big the snowball gets, what kind of a life it will have. A great one I hope, and I will do my best, and make sure my team does their best, to make that life a rich, powerful, meaningful one That we won’t forget.

So let’s sit back and watch five American Muslim families open their doors and their lives to America. Let’s watch them work, play, love, parent, struggle, and practice their faith, as we all do. Let’s see if we can connect with them as people, and let’s hope that every single person who tunes in to TLC tonight at 10pm finds something, big or small that they can relate to and touches them enough to keep them coming back.