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Oct 06
AWXII…the Best and the Brightest of the Advertising Industry

Had a great time at Advertising Week in NYC interviewing incredibly talented people from all facets of the business — creative, tech, strategy, you name it. Very interesting trends and advancements in the ad world. Watch…http://www.advertisingweek.com/replay/#date=2015-09-28~video-id=undefined~venue=other-37

Mar 29
Oscar fever…working on Omar the movie

Omar by Hany Abu-Assad…a love story, thriller and a tale about human betrayal and paranoia set against the background of the occupation…in the words of Hany himself. Omar is a very different film than Hany’s last, Paradise Now in 2005, also
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Dec 30
25 Years on the Road Less Traveled

On December 14th, I had the privilege of acting as Mistress of Ceremonies for MPAC’s 13th Annual Convention Banquet, titled “25 Years on the Road Less Traveled“. It’s always so meaningful to be a part of the kinds of events
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Oct 30
Egypt and the Struggle for Democracy

Last month I was invited to be one of the two LA panelists on America Abroad‘s international town hall “Egypt and the Struggle for Democracy”,with audiences in Los Angeles and Cairo Egypt, which aired on 140 public radio stations including here on KCRW. Audiences in
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May 08
‘5 Broken Cameras’ at the MPAC Media Awards

As always, it is a pleasure to be a part of the MPAC Media Awards…the excitement of seeing visual works and artists being honored for their ‘voices of courage and conscience’, people in media making a difference in their portrayals
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Feb 08
Questions You Were Afraid To Ask About Islam

I recently had the pleasure of moderating a town hall hosted by KPCC and MPAC titled Questions You Were Afraid To Ask About Islam. I think my favorite part was sitting across from my mentor Dr. Maher Hathout and giving
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May 20
Voices of Courage and Conscience

The MPAC Media Awards honoring Voices of Courage and Conscience…sure, I was involved last year, arguably more than this year. Last year, I was a co-emcee. So I was actually involved in most everything. And it was good, very good.
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Jan 26
What a Ride…

Season #1 of All-American Muslim is over, and after all is said and done, I can honestly say…what a ride! An adventure filled with excitement, satisfaction, controversy, praise, hate and of course, Islamophobia. I can honestly say that the three months I spent in
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Dec 25
Christmas and this Muslim

Merry Christmas to my dear friends of all faiths, and of course, my wonderful family holding down the fort back home in LA, because as this cool LA Times article I had the fortune of being a part says…For Muslims
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Nov 13
The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For…

“Premieres November 13th at 10pm”…I can’t count the number of times I’ve written and spoken those words in the past month. And now here I am on November 13th, less than an hour away from the airing of All-American Muslim.
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