Questions You Were Afraid To Ask About Islam

I recently had the pleasure of moderating a town hall hosted by KPCC and MPAC titled Questions You Were Afraid To Ask About Islam. I think my favorite part was sitting across from my mentor Dr. Maher Hathout and giving people in the audience, as well as the viewers and listeners to come, a window into the conversations that I have with him on a regular basis that have enlightened me as a modern Muslim woman and give me constant renewed faith in the beautiful religion of Islam. The questions were bold, honest and relevant to our lives today. It put a smile on my face and in my heart to see the looks of comprehension and appreciation on the audience members faces, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, as they heard his straight forward, blunt and logical answers…” Hey, this man really makes sense!”. I began my intro by telling people not to be fooled by his age. Dr. H can speak to octogenarians and teenagers alike…and possibly impact the teens even more with his reasonable, down-to-earth, progressive interpretations of the scripture that always stem from an underlying base of equality, and justice. All in all, it was a beautiful evening, gratifying for the mind and soul!